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Generic User for Group Voicemail
Generic User for Group Voicemail

Managing group voicemail through a Generic User

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Can everyone in a Group get quick access to the Group Voicemail?

You can create a Generic User for a Group so that everyone in the Group can receive the voicemail notification email and access the group voicemail using one Administrator PIN

This is often used if you have a team that manage one email inbox

This guide will show you how to create a new Generic User, where you can find the voicemail pin, how to assign the generic user to your group and add email notifications;

Step by step guide

Adding a Generic User

  1. Log in to Surgery Connect - - with your NHS email address and Surgery Connect password

  2. Select the Service Delivery Console

  3. Navigate to the User list in the Service Delivery Console

  4. Click the Add New User button

  5. Complete the required fields in the Add New User window User Details tab

    NOTE: This User is a dummy user, so it does not need a short dial and the voicemail will be off (the voicemail will be managed by the group in x-flow), but if you have a group email address this can be used here

  6. When you are happy with the user details Save User

Identifying the Group Voicemail Pin

Your Generic User will have its own Authentication PIN

  1. Navigate to the Configuration Console

  2. Select Users from the menu on the left hand side

  3. Once you have navigated to the Users area the User table will display

  4. Use the Name Search box to search for the User

  5. Click the pen icon on the required User to view and edit the profile

  6. The Editing Users window will open on the General tab

    The Users Voicemail Pin is the Authentication PIN

Note: You can also use this pin to customise your voicemail greeting. See our guides on Voicemail

Assigning the Generic User to your Group

  1. From the Configuration Console, select Groups from the menu on the left hand side

  2. Once you have navigated to the Groups area the Groups table will display

  3. Find your Group either by using the Name search,

    Or, by scrolling through the Group table

  4. Click to Edit your selected Group

  5. Under the General tab you will see the Group Administrator dropdown

  6. Select your new Generic User as the Administrator

    The Reception Generic User's Activation PIN will now be the voicemail PIN for the reception group

  7. Click Save

Setting the Group Voicemail Options

If you want all voicemail notification emails to go to one group email you need to change the voicemail notification settings for that group

  1. When you are editing your Group through the Configuration Console navigate to the Voicemail tab

  2. Select Notify group administrator only from the Group Voicemail dropdown

    The email you set for the Generic User will now be the email that receives all voicemail email notifications

  3. Remember to Save your changes

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