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X-flow - Building a call flow
Adding a new call flow through the Service Delivery Console
Adding a new call flow through the Service Delivery Console

X-flow can be used to create and manage call flows. This guide will show you how to start adding a new Call Flow to Surgery Connect.

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How do I build a call flow? - Creating a new call flow

With Surgery Connect you can create and change call flows to fit your needs exactly. You are able to change the messages and options given to callers without the need to contact the Service Desk

This guide will show you how to start adding a new Call Flow to your Surgery Connect system

Step by step guide

Accessing the Service Delivery Console

  1. Log in to Surgery Connect - - with your NHS email address and Surgery Connect password

  2. Select the Service Delivery Console

The first time you access the Service Delivery Console you will be asked to complete the following steps.

  • Users - The names and email addresses of all the people who will use Surgery Connect and their roles in your practice

  • Extensions - The new desk phone you will be using and the people and teams who can log into them

  • Groups - Organise your people into groups such as reception, appointments and prescriptions

  • Calendars - Manage your surgery’s opening and closing times, and the availability of users and groups

  • Numbers - Bring it all together and define what happens when someone rings your practice, day or night, with call flows. (You will need this section to build a new call flow

(For full information on how to complete these, and hints and tips of designing your service and call flow, see our guides on the Service Delivery Console)

Accessing Numbers

  1. Once you have started to build your service, you can go to the Service Delivery Console and start your call flow

    Navigate to the bottom of the screen and click on the Manage Numbers button

    Or, navigate to the Numbers tab of the Service Delivery Console

  2. The Numbers table will open

Add a New Call Flow

  1. Select the + Add New Call Flow button

  2. You will be asked to choose the number you want to use for the call flow, the name of your call flow, and if you want to use a template

  3. To create and empty/completely editable call flow, complete the Name Field and Choose the Empty Call Flow Template

  4. Save the Call Flow

    You will see a green Success message at the top of your screen when your new call flow has been created

    A red Failed message will show if there is something that has not been entered correctly

Loading your New Call Flow

Your new call flow will now be in the Numbers table

  1. Search by the name you saved your new call flow as

  2. Once you have found the correct Call Flow you can edit it through Options

  3. Your new Empty Call Flow will open up in X-flow, ready for you to create/edit

See our further X-flow guides

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