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User Training - SystmOne Phonebar
User Training - SystmOne Phonebar

Cloud Telephony, the Phonebar. Full Training videos and resources.

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SystmOne User Training

SystmOne Phonebar

The full session covers;

Additional resources

Step by step guide

Full Training Video

An Introduction to Surgery Connect

Cloud telephony - Differences and Benefits

Line Capacity

  • No engaged tone and no limit to queuing for patients

  • No capacity limit on outbound call


  • Real-time view of which staff are active and their current status

  • Real-time view of call traffic and efficiency statistics

Call Recordings

  • All inbound and outbound calls recorded regardless of device used

Video Calling

  • Switch from audio to video call in call

Flexible working

  • Staff can easily work remotely

  • Staff can be located anywhere in the practice

Users NOT Phones

  • It doesn't matter where people are located when you want to contact them

  • It doesn't matter which device people are active on when you want to contact them

Accessing The Phonebar

Initial Set Up

Accessing the Phonebar

The Phonebar

Phonebar Icons


Phone Controls

Active Patient

Appointments List

Logging Out

Help & Support

Accessing Surgery Connect Consoles

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