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You can create standard SMS templates in the Configuration Console, for everyone to use when sending messages from the practice.

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How do I create SMS templates for the Surgery?

SMS messages can be sent out through the User Console, through the Clinical System and via the Phonebar.

Templates can be created for your surgery. Templates are best used when sending an SMS from the Patient Overview Window in your Clinical System Integration.

You can also Edit or Delete existing templates through the Configuration Console.

Step by step guide

New SMS Template

Navigate to the Configuration Console

Choose Integrations from the menu on the left hand side menu

Select the SMS Templates View

To add/create a new SMS template select the + New SMS Template button

Give your SMS Template a title

You can insert fields into your message, so you can address the recipient by name and add a surgery signature

Type the wording of your SMS into the Template box

The Preview box will show you the layout of your template, together with your populated auto prompts

There are NHS conditions which can be added to your templates

To add these to a template choose the condition from the drop down (alphabetically listed) and click Add condition

Once added a NHS information link will be included in your message

When you are happy with your SMS Template, click Save

You will see the green success notification at the top of you screen

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