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Service Delivery Console - Advanced Overview
Service Delivery Console - Advanced Overview

Configure Surgery Connect's advanced features

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What is in the Advanced Area?

Surgery Connect has many advanced features, access and set the configuration around these features here

From your Service Delivery Console select Manage advanced settings

Or, click on Advanced from the menu at the top of the Service Delivery Console

Advanced Area Overview

When you access the Advanced area you will see the following options:

What are you looking for?

Patient Callback

From the Advanced In Manage Callback surgeries can configure and add a bespoke message patients see when viewing the Patient Callback queue position web page

Double-click on Manage Callback

The editable Patient Callback Webpage will open

Here surgeries can add a title and a bespoke message to patients

There are two free text box entries, one for the Title and the other for the Content. The title is limited to 60 characters, and the content of the message is limited to 220 characters

The formatting options for the message are; Bold, Italic, Underline and Embed Link only

See an example of a bespoke Queue Position Webpage SMS below:

The Queue Position in the SMS is hard coded in the Group Properties Block (SMS) and cannot be changed

Should the title and content fields not be completed then the following default message will be displayed on the webpage below the queue position:


We Will Call You Back Soon


Our team will be in touch soon, please have your phone with you to receive our call. If you no longer require the callback, please use the Cancel button below

Read our Patient Experience guide for patient callback

Coming soon...

Check and Cancel

In Manage integration API users surgeries can add their Check and Cancel API User

You will only have access to the Advanced tab once the Support Team have added Check and Cancel to your service

From the Advance tab select Manage Integration API users

Select + Add New Integration API User button and this will allow you to add the details of the new API user you created

Complete the required fields

The Label can be named by you and is a means to identify the API User easily

The Clinical System Reference will auto-fill if you have only one CDB, if you have more than one, please use the drop-down box to select the correct reference

The API User Name and API User password are those of the new API User created in EMIS

Save the Integration API User

A Success notification will show in the top right-hand corner of your screen

Your new API User will now show in your API User list

When you are ready to use the API User you will need to Validate it by clicking on the validate button

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