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Patient Callback Feature
Patient Callback - Patient Experience
Patient Callback - Patient Experience
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Based on your service configuration, Patient Callback can be offered to patients at the point they are about to join the queue or during the queue. All patients need to do is press 1 to request a callback

The fair and intelligent queue distribution, ensures callers receive a call back from the surgery when their call would have ordinarily reached the front of the queue regardless of whether they wait in the queue or book a callback. They will receive a call from a Group Member at the point they reach the front of the queue

What is the benefit for the patient?

By requesting a callback instead of waiting in a queue patients can continue their day rather than having to wait on the phone. It can potentially save the patient money if they are on a PAYG mobile as they don’t have to use their credit to wait in the queue

Callers can ring back at any point and choose to rejoin the queue at the position they saved, hang up again retaining their position or cancel the callback. If the patient misses the callback and calls the practice again during the same day, their call will be prioritised in the queue

The Patient Callback feature can be configured for patients to receive an SMS detailing their Queue Position via a webpage link

Patient Queue Position SMS

The webpage can be configured with a bespoke message via the Service Delivery Console. See our Guide for more details.

If your service is configured to send SMS the patient will receive a unique SMS, similar to the image below:

By clicking the link they will be taken to the queue position webpage

Patient Queue Position Web Page

From the queue position web page, the patient can watch as they progress down the queue and be ready with their phone, or, cancel the callback by clicking the Cancel Callback button if they change their mind

Cancelled Callback

If the patient chooses to cancel their callback they will see a confirmation message

Should a patient revisit this tab on their device if they do not have an active callback request they will see the following message

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