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No sound or video - Phonebar
No sound or video - Phonebar

Quick checks if your sound or video isn't working with the Phonebar.

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I can't see or hear my calls!

  1. Check your hardware

    If you have plug in cameras and speakers or a headset, check they are connected correctly to the PC and have no visible damage.

    • Does the laptop have a slider over the camera?

    • Has the ringer been turned down or off accidentally?

    • Does the PC need an upgrade or had an upgrade? - check system settings

    • Does the headset need an upgrade? - check the manufacturers website

  2. Check your computer settings

    Make sure you have the correct devices selected, and complete the troubleshoot if necessary.

    If you have Bluetooth devices, make sure the Bluetooth is on and they are connected.

  3. Make sure the Phonebar audio and visual settings are correct

    See our guide on Audio & Video Settings

  4. Video Calling

    Is your softphone selected as the call device?

    Is the video call request going to a suitable device? i.e. smartphone?

    NOTE: The GP/Surgery requesting the video call does not have to have a web camera for the video call to work but the patient does need to have a smartphone or tablet with integrated camera.

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