User Training - The Softphone

Cloud Telephony, the User Console and the Softphone. Full Training Video and resources.

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User Training

User Console


The full session covers;

Step by step guide

Full Training Video

An Introduction to Surgery Connect

Cloud telephony - Differences and Benefits

Line Capacity

  • No engaged tone and no limit to queuing for patients

  • No capacity limit on outbound call


  • Real-time view of which staff are active and their current status

  • Real-time view of call traffic and efficiency statistics

Call Recordings

  • All inbound and outbound calls recorded regardless of device used

Video Calling

  • Switch from audio to video call in call

Flexible working

  • Staff can easily work remotely

  • Staff can be located anywhere in the practice

Users NOT Phones

  • It doesn't matter where people are located when you want to contact them

  • It doesn't matter which device people are active on when you want to contact them

User Console and Softphone

Logging In

The User Console

Making a call

Clinical Integration

Device Management

Using the Softphone


Logging Out

Additional resources

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