Adding a new Calendar Mode

Creating a new calendar mode for you Mode Switch

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How do I make a new calendar mode?

Calendar modes become visible outputs on your mode switch. They allow you change you call flow depending on the time/day of the mode settings. You can create new calendar modes through the Service Delivery Console.

Step by step guide

Accessing the Service Delivery Console

  1. Log in to Surgery Connect - - with your NHS email address and Surgery Connect password

  2. Select the Service Delivery Console

  3. Don't forget - if you are already logged into a Surgery Connect console, you can navigate to any other console quickly by using the Menu, next to your initials

  4. Or; Click on the arrow in your toolbar to see the hidden icons

    Right click on the Surgery Connect Logo and select Launch Consoles. This will open up the selected console in a new window for you

Adding a New Calendar Mode

  1. Select Calendars from the tabs across the top

  2. Click Add New Calendar Mode button

  3. The Add New Calendar Mode window will open

    You can use the list of Current Modes to help you decide on a mode name, that has not already been used, and a mode colour that hasn't been used previously

  4. Give your calendar mode a descriptive name

  5. Choose your background colour

  6. Save your New Mode

    Your new mode will now be available to add to any of your calendars and to add to your mode switch as a visible output

You can edit your Calendar Mode and change the mode priority through the Configuration Console

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