EMIS Phonebar Installation

A full guide to installing and setting up your Phonebar for EMIS

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The following guide will take you through how to install and set up the Phonebar for EMIS

Step by step guide

Before you start!

All applications that communicate to EMIS must be made known to the EMIS API and authenticated. When you first run the Surgery Connect Phonebar you will be asked to do this via an EMIS Activate New Partner Product window

Before you start you will need to know your EMIS CDB

Step 1 - Download the Phonebar installer

You will have been provided with a download link for the Phonebar Installer

  1. Click on the link provided to start the download

    NOTE: if this doesn't open up the installer straight away, double-click on the Phonebar install file

The Phonebar Setup window will display

Click on the CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED button

This will open up the SSO Log in in a new browser tab

Log in to the Surgery Connect SSO

  1. Once you have completed the log in process, you will see an authentication notice, to confirm your Surgery Connect profile, you can now continue with the set up

Step 2 - Selecting the API in EMIS

NOTE: This step will only need to be completed once per site

  1. Within EMIS open the EMAS Manager

  2. Within EMAS Manager, you will see Partner API down the left hand side. Select this:

  3. A list of partners displays in the panel above, from this list, scroll down and select Surgery Connect, then click Activate Application

Step 3 - Activate Surgery Connect in EMAS Manager

NOTE: You can do this for all of your current users at the same time. You will need to complete this step for every new user

  1. Within EMAS Manager click the Login Access icon to take you the Application Login Access window

  2. Make sure that both boxes are ticked against all of the users you want to use the integration

  3. Go to the Edit Users area in the same Patient API area to access the User Configuration window

  4. Tick the users that to activate them with the integration

Step 4 - Run Setup

NOTE: This step needs to be completed for every PC/laptop and User

Setup Complete

The Phonebar will now display on your main display screen

The next time you login to Windows the Phonebar will be on screen waiting for you

Upgrade Process

Open Settings from the User Menu

Select About from the left hand menu


You will receive a notification

The Application Updates popup will display

If you don’t see popup check the icon in your taskbar, the icon will pulse orange, if you hover your mouse over it you will see the pop up

Choose Restart to update now

or Later, if you click Later it will update either when the application is closed or EMIS is locked

Note: When clicking Restart it does not restart your entire PC, only the Phonebar

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