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The Menu block is used to separate the call flow, Menus can be customised to the requirements of the practice.

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Menu Options

The Menu is used to separate the call flow, where the caller can choose to be sent to different Groups within the practice, or choose information messages, for example

Menus can be customised to the requirements of the practice

This guide will take you through everything you need to know about Menus and how to manage them:

Step by step guide

Adding Menu Block

  1. Drag and drop the Menu icon onto the X-flow workspace

    Your Menu block will be created in your workspace

Editing a Menu Block

  1. Double click on the Menu block on your workspace to access the properties, audio and output options

Properties Tab


Change the name of your menu for easy identification


Add a detailed description


How many times the menu options will repeat if no selection is made before sending the call through to the default option

The default number of repeats is 3, however this can be changed from 0-30

Time to Wait

The time a caller has to make a choice, before either repeating the menu or sending the call through to the default option

The default time is set to 5 seconds, but this can be changed from 0 - 20 seconds

Prompt Audio Tab

Choose either Text to Speech or upload a recorded message (which must be an MP3 file, previously saved to your computer)

Text to Speech

With Text to Speech you can change your prompt voice and create your own menus by typing your chosen wording into the Prompt Text box

For full details on Text to Speech see our guide on Text to Speech

Upload Audio File

Please ensure your audio recording is MP3 format

Preview your message

Listen to either the message in the Prompt Text box to check it is being read out correctly or to the uploaded Audio Prompt

The preview will also use the Prompt Voice selected if you are using Text To Speech

  1. Click the Preview Button, or the Play button on the Toolbar to listen to the prompt

  2. The Toolbar will display the length of the prompt (in seconds)

    Change the Volume of the playback by clicking on the speaker icon and dragging the volume slider

  3. There are three dots at the end of the Toolbar playback, click on these to access further preview options; Download the prompt or change the playback speed

    Note: Changing the Playback Volume or Speed only affects the playback, not the volume and speed of the prompt when heard by the callers

Visible Outputs Tab

The Visible Outputs determine the buttons pressed by the caller in the menu, these often lead to groups for targeted calls

  1. Tick each number or symbol to be used and add a label so that you can see the options on the block on the workspace

  2. Save changes

  3. When you Save the changes, the Menu block on the workspace will update to show the customisations made

Save and Deploy

You must save the changes you have made to your Menu Block

  1. Click Save

    Any changes you have made to your Menu Block will be saved

  2. At the top of your call flow you will now see the undeployed version warning

  3. If you are happy with your call flow - Deploy your call flow to make it live

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