Configuration Console - An Introduction

The Configuration Console gives Supervisors access to change the default settings in Surgery Connect.

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The Configuration Console is for Supervisors to manage/fine tune certain aspects of their system, namely:

  • Add personal numbers to User profiles

  • Add external numbers to the Central Directory

  • Manage the way calls are distributed within Groups

  • Setup Auto Step In within Groups

  • Amend and remove Calendars

How it works

You can use the dashboard or the Menu on the left hand side to access the different default settings for each area.

Configuration Console features



List of your inbound numbers that are active on your service

Edit will allow you to configure x-fax notifications

Search and edit your users, including adding alternative numbers to their User Profile

Configure your extensions. Change buttons, playlists, group priority and members

Normally used if you have assigned rooms, for example a Staff Room

Configure your Groups. Auto Step in, Patient Callback, Group Voicemail and various other options for in depth configuration

Edit or create new calendars, calendar modes and events

Add new contacts to your Directory, either singly or in bulk

Clinical Integration settings, including your App Pin for initial set up

NOTE: Existing user integrations are read-only. New associations are achieved by running through the Phonebar setup. However, old and incorrect associations can be deleted

Global setting configuration

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