EMIS Connection Solver

If the connection between EMIS and Surgery Connect is not set up correctly, it can cause problems, this guide will show you some solutions

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EMIS Connection Solver

Why can't I associate EMIS during setup?

During the Setup process you may be notified that Surgery Connect is unable to connect

There may be a few reasons EMIS won't connect during the Surgery Connect setup process

EMIS Health Manager bug

If the EMIS Setup states unable to connect to EMIS, but the user association in Surgery Connect is complete, it may be a bug in the EMIS Health Manager which prevents communication with the API

Reinstalling usually fixes this:

Multiple instances of EMIS running on the PC

The quickest fix is to shut down and restart the PC


  1. Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del)

  2. Look in Processes, Background Processes

  3. If you see any further instances of EMIS running click on the entry in the list and click End task

.NET Framework Requirements

The firewall might be blocking your connection to Surgery Connect

  1. Type Windows Features into your windows search box

  2. Then look for the .NET boxes within Windows Features:

  3. Make sure .NET 3.5 is selected

  4. Then re-start your PC

My Phonebar isn't connecting to EMIS?

EMAS Manager has to be configured correctly for each user for the Phonebar to connect to EMIS

Please ensure that each user has the necessary three ticks in EMAS Manager

Activating Surgery Connect in EMAS Manager

  1. Within EMAS Manager Click the Login Access icon to take you to a window

  2. Make sure that both boxes are ticked against all of the users you want to use the integration

  3. As well as the Login Access area (shown above) you must also go to the Edit Users area in the same Patient API area and tick the users that you want activated with the integration

Why can't I file my patient communications?

All patient communications can be filed to a patient record, as a single consultation, or multiple communications in a single consultation

Please check that the correct API has been selected in EMAS Manager

Both APIs are called Surgery Connect but you may need to un-associate and re-associate to update the API

The old API did not allow communications to be filed directly to the patient record (it was Read Only)

How do I check a Users EMIS association?

Very rarely EMIS connection problems can be caused by a blank association. If this occurs it will need to be resolved by our Support Team by raising a ticket through the Support Portal. See our webinar on the Support Portal

Before raising a ticket you can check the Users association

  1. Log in to Surgery Connect - sso.x-onweb.com - with your NHS email address and Surgery Connect password

  2. Select the Configuration Console

    Don't forget - if you are already logged into a Surgery Connect console, you can navigate to any other console quickly by using the Menu, next to your initials

  3. To the left of the Configuration Console you will see the menu. This gives you access to the configurable aspects of Surgery Connect and other useful information

    Navigate to Integrations

  4. Now you need to View the Associations

  5. Make sure you are on the Users tab

  6. You will now see a list of your Surgery Connect Users and their EMIS Association. Each User is listed with their Surgery Connect name and a box which should have a drop down to select their clinical integration name

    If this is empty and you can not select their name from the drop down list, this is a Blank Association and you will need to contact our Support Team

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