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Patient Callback Queue Position Webpage
Patient Callback Queue Position Webpage
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Configure Patient Queue Position Webpage

Surgeries can choose to send a free SMS to the patient detailing their Queue Position via a webpage link

The queue position webpage is configured in the Service Delivery Console via the Advanced Tab. Surgeries can add a bespoke message patients see when viewing the Patient Callback queue position web page

Access the Service Delivery Console (SDC)

Select Manage Callback

There are two free text box entries, one for the heading and the other for the description. The heading is limited to 60 characters, the body of the message is limited to 220 characters

You can also add key information or links to online resources for patients here (subject to the character limitation)

The formatting options are Bold, Italic, Underline and Embed Link only

The Queue Position Link is hardcoded and cannot be changed

Should the title and description fields not be completed then the following default message will be displayed on the webpage:


We Will Call You Back Soon


Our team will be in touch soon, please have your phone with you to receive our call. If you no longer require the callback, please use the Cancel button below.

For more see the Patient Experience guide

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