Phonebar Diagnostics

If your Phonebar is not working as you would expect you can send us a diagnostics report.

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How do I send diagnostics?

If you can not identify why your Phonebar isn't working as you would expect, you can send our Support Team a diagnostics report

Phonebar Diagnostics

Step-by-step guide

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + D on your keyboard to open a diagnostics window

    This will bring up a log of the last two hours activity and will show us any unusual patterns and behaviours and can assist us in solving your problems.   

    Seven status cards show the main areas where issues may occur.  These are colour-coded on a traffic light system in order of seriousness so it may be possible to instantly see what the issue is and resolve it, e.g. a device has not been selected

  2. If the issue needs to be reported, type the user name and practice name in the box at the top and click send diagnostics (limited number of characters)

  3. Then click x to close the window

Status Card Definitions and Resolutions


Specifies whether the user has been authenticated as a Surgery Connect user. To resolve the issue users should log in to their SSO

Live Events Status

Confirms whether the customer is receiving any live events. This means there is something blocking the communication path

To resolve this users should check the Firewall. Please see our Firewall Guide

Clinical Integration

Specifies whether the user has been authenticated in their clinical system and linked to the Phonebar

To resolve this users need to log in to their clinical system


Informs the user if they are running an out-of-date version

To resolve this users need to open the Settings in the Phonebar and check for updates

Active Device

Confirms whether the user has selected a device and the Phonebar is connected

To resolve this users need to click on Device Manager and select a device. If this issue persists users should select auto login.
NOTE This could also show as a disconnected status

Platform Status

Gives a warning of any current platform issues ongoing (major incident), mirroring our Status page

System Notifications can be accessed via the User Console Help icon

Network Status

Confirms the status of the network connection for the user's selected device

If there are problems, network changes may be needed to allow full functionality

These cards have been colour-coded on a traffic light system;

Green - no issues

Red - Major issues

NOTE Platform statuses have their own colours and Version Control is either Red for major version behind, orange for minor version behind and green for running current version

See our Support Portal Webinar for more information on the Support Team

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