Wallboard Feature

The Wallboard feature is an overview display of your practice detailing live events and historical data within the last 24 hours

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What is the Wallboard?

The Wallboard feature is an overview display of your practice, detailing live events and historical data within the last 24 hours

Specifically the wallboard shows user states and call stats. Any live event changes are shown immediately

Wallboards are sometimes displayed to patients so they can see how busy you are and sometimes they are only displayed to staff so each user can see how busy the phones are and act accordingly

You can be provided with a URL to display your Wallboard onto a monitor/display via the Support Team

The wallboard view is split into two parts with any users logged in to a phone listed in the top half of the screen and stats boxes below. The stats boxes contain a mixture of real time data and historical data covering a 24 hour period

You can hide your users list and just display the stats boxes, this is best practice if displaying the wallboard to members of the public

The entire wallboard is colour coded to show users statuses and call queue times

This guide will take you through the following;

Step by step guide

Accessing the Wallboard


  1. Log in to Surgery Connect - sso.x-onweb.com - with your NHS email address and Surgery Connect password

  2. Select Wallboard

  3. Don't forget - if you are already logged into a Surgery Connect console, you can navigate to any other console quickly by using the Menu, next to your initials

  4. Or; Click on the arrow in your toolbar to see the hidden icons

    Right click on the Surgery Connect Logo and select Launch Consoles. This will open up the selected console in a new window for you


Users can also login individually to see the view on their PC screen by typing wallboard.x-onweb.com into their browser

Wallboard Areas/Terminology

User List

The user list shows how long the user has been in their current status as well as the number of calls they have made and received

It also shows the time of their last call, the duration of their longest call and their average call time

To show/hide the user list from the display use the up and down arrows

User Status

Only logged in users will appear in the user list

Light Grey - Logged In (Available)

Orange - Do Not Disturb (Not Available)

Teal - Direct Calls Only

Purple - Outbound Calls Only

Call State

Inbound Call

Outbound Call


Wrap-up is the pause between a call finishing and the user becoming available for the next call

This is set to 5 seconds

To change the Wrap-up delay, see our User Wrap-up guide

Phone ringing

Stat Boxes

These are non customisable, each user will see all available stat boxes displayed

The Available Users figure will display the number of users logged in to a phone

These users are not necessarily taking inbound calls (check their user state)

Therefore, if you have a high number of available users yet calls are still queuing, please check your inbound call groups to ensure you have sufficient members logged in to the groups taking inbound calls

When there are no users logged in or available to take calls the Available Users box in the statistics section of the Wallboard will turn red to alert you to the fact

The stat boxes display either real time data or historical data for the current 24 hour period

The boxes displaying real time data are as follows:

These figures fluctuate throughout the day

All the other stat boxes will increase in number throughout the day as more calls come in throughout the day, displaying historical data counted within the current 24 hour period

See our Stat Boxes - Introduction guide, for a full description of each stat box and what its figures show you


Instead of a list of all available users you can display your groups which shows the list of available users within that group

To do this you select the Groups from the drop down menu in the title bar

NOTE: Viewing groups is not the default view for the wallboard therefore you will need to contact the Support Team to set up this configuration for you


You can display your Wallboard view on a large monitor or in 4k

To do so you will need to contact the Support Team and request they edit your Wallboard URL to increase (or decrease) the size as required

Zoom parameters:

zoom=100 is standard size

zoom=50 is half size

zoom=200 is double the size etc


The Wallboard Monitors are CM Pro Commercial Displays and range from 43” to 86”

They are designed to run 16/7 - 16 hours a day, 7 days a week

They have a built-in cooling system for this. Each CM Pro display comes with a 3 year onsite warranty to fix/replace

Surgeries can allocate their own monitor to display the wallboard information either in 1080p or 4k

If you don't have a Wallboard set up for your surgery, and would like one, please contact orders@x-on.co.uk

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