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In the event of a disruption to service customers can now add recipients to receive system notifications via the Support Portal

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Can I get notified of a service disruption?

In the event of a disruption to service, customers can now add recipients to receive system notifications via the Support Portal

Notifications can be received via SMS and/or email as desired

Recipients need not have an SSO login meaning that IT leads and ICB members can be notified directly about a particular surgery

Step by step guide

Accessing the Support Portal

  1. Log in to Surgery Connect - - with your NHS email address and Surgery Connect password

  2. Select the Support Portal

  3. Don't forget - if you are already logged into a Surgery Connect console, you can navigate to any other console quickly by using the Menu, next to your initials

    Or; Click on the arrow in your toolbar to see the hidden icons

    Right click on the Surgery Connect Logo and select Launch Consoles. This will open up the selected console in a new window for you

  4. Click on Still Need Help? to access the Support Portal

    You will be asked to log in using your NHS email and Surgery Connect password

Status Notification

  1. Once you have accessed the Support Portal navigate to the Status Notifications page

  2. Here you will see the list of contacts already added for notifications

  3. You can edit these contacts by using the Edit icon

    Or; Quickly change how they receive notifications by activating them with a tick

Adding a New Contact

  1. Select Add New Contact

  2. A window will open where you can complete all of the required contact details

    NOTE: It is okay to use non NHS emails address and personal mobile numbers as these details cannot be seen outside this screen.

    Select Email and SMS notifications, or both, as desired

  3. Save Contact

    You can now edit them in the list if required

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