Service Delivery Console - Calendars Overview

Calendars allow you to control the opening times for all your surgery's phone numbers and specify the availability of your Groups.

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How it works

The Main Calendar will control the opening times of your main practice number(s) and you can create additional calendars to limit opening times for calls into specific Groups.

Calendars Overview

When you access the list of Calendars you will see this table:

Here you can add new calendars, add new calendar modes, edit existing calendars and access the Advanced Calendar Settings.


The name of the Calendar

Opening/Closing Time

The times that calls are answered. As a default, the times would be the same each day, Monday to Friday

Advanced Mode will show if the opening and closing times are different during the week

Calendar Options

Add New Calendar

Create Calendars to limit opening times for calls into specific Groups

Add New Calendar Mode

Create new Modes for your Calendars

Modes can be used to create an event on your calendar that will give pre-set messages or follow certain call flow routes when they are active

For full details of call flows, see our guides on X-flow

Edit - Change any of the information in the table for that Calendar

Advanced Calendar Settings - View and edit the Calendar to suit your practice

At the bottom of the table, you can change the number of rows shown per page and select other pages

Advanced Calendar Settings

Clicking the Advanced Calendar Settings button will allow you to view and edit your calendar. Pre-set Modes will be displayed on the left-hand side and they can be added to the Calendar using drag and drop.

Bank Holiday dates are added to your calendar automatically and messages and actions for each Mode can be customised in X-flow. New Modes can be created if more options are required.

Navigation arrows

Move through the dates on the calendar


Jump back to today’s date. The day is highlighted and a red bar will show the current time

Dates View

Select between a daily, weekly or monthly view of your calendar. The default is a weekly view


To close the calendar either click the Close button at the bottom of the screen, or click anywhere on the screen off the calendar

For an overview of Calendars on Surgery Connect, please watch our Calendars webinar.

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