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Phonebar Introduction
What is the Phonebar? Introduction
What is the Phonebar? Introduction

The Phonebar allows access for all telephony functionality to be controlled from the PC screen.

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How it works

The Phonebar integrates directly with EMIS so you can make and receive internal and external calls and video calls, send ad hoc and templated SMS and securely exchange photos

Clinicians can also access their Appointments within the Phonebar to seamlessly switch between patient records and call, video call and SMS patients

The Phonebar is pinned to the bottom of the primary PC display screen and laid out so that general telephony is located on the left hand side of the Phonebar and patient communication is located on the right so, even when minimised, surgeries have access to their patient’s contact details

Phonebar Features




  • Retrieve an appointment list

  • View appointment times and patient names

  • Access patient record

  • Call patient

  • Send SMS to patient

  • Send photo request to patient

  • Video call patient

  • Access patient contact history

  • No of contact attempts logged

  • Appointments actions logged

Active Patient view

  • Call patient

  • Send SMS to patient

  • Send photo request to patient

  • Video call patient

  • Contact history

User Status

Change your call status/default options to

  • Available

  • Direct Calls Only

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Offline


  • Preferences - manage your application preferences

  • Audio and video - choose the equipment you want to use for calls

  • About - to check your version number

Making calls

  • Call number via dialler

Receiving calls

  • Inbound patient identification popups

  • Inbound call notifications

Photo requests

  • Send Photo requests to patients

  • Inbound photo notifications

Video calls

  • Make video calls through your softphone

Filing communications

  • File patient communications to a patient record (Contact History)

Device selection

Change the device/options to

  • Deskphone

  • Softphone

  • Mobile/alternative number

In App Help

  • Step by step guides for all features and functionality

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