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Patient Callback Block - Playlists Only
Patient Callback Block - Playlists Only
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Queue Position

By adding the Patient Callback block to the Group Playlist you are offering patients more than one opportunity to request a callback

You can only access them or add them in your Playlists - see our Playlist guide

This guide will show you how to add them to your playlist, and how to manage it:

Step-by-step guide

Accessing Playlists

Playlists are accessed through X-flow when you have loaded a call flow

  1. Navigate to the X-flow console

  2. Load the call flow with the group you want to change

Through the Group Block

  1. Double click on the Group block in your call flow

  2. When the pop up opens click on the Playlist tab. This will show you the current playlist set for this group

Selecting your Playlist

If you are accessing the playlist through the Group block or the Group Behaviour block, selecting the playlist you want to use or edit is the same

  1. Click to open the dropdown menu

  2. Select the playlist you wish to use for that group, or that you want to edit. The playlist name will now display

  3. Click the Edit Selected Playlist button

  4. Your playlist workspace will open

Existing customers, please note that the Queue Position announcement is now contained in the Group Properties block.

Therefore, please edit your Group Playlist and move the Queue Position Block to the end of your Group Playlist, as shown in the image above.

This will ensure that your patients do not hear their queue position twice in a row.

Adding a Patient Callback Block

Drag and drop the Patient Callback icon from the menu on the left-hand side

Connect the Patient Callback block in the playlist and it will be offered repeatedly to the patient. The Playlist 1 with Callback Option Template already contains this

Existing surgeries will need to edit their Group Playlist to add the Patient Callback block to offer the patient a callback multiple times during the queuing process.

Configuring Patient Callback Block

Double-click the block to view its properties. Here you can configure the audio of the patient callback prompt

When you are happy with your changes, click Save

The prompt must always include "press 1" as this key press to request Patient Callback can not be changed

See our full guide on Text to Speech

Call End Block

A Call End Block, or hang-up, can now be added to the Playlist, ideally after the Mode Switch (Calendar). Previously surgeries could advise that the surgery was closed but could not end the call

This should be used in conjunction with a prompt informing patients that the callback will not happen, instead, the call will end

Consideration should be given to advising patients on what other course of action they can take if the callback is cancelled


To make the changes you have made to your playlist live you must deploy your call flow

  1. At the top of your call flow you will now see the undeployed version warning

  2. If you are happy - Deploy your call flow to make it live

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