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Monthly Management Report

The Monthly Management report is sent out at the beginning of each month.

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What does my Monthly Management Report tell me?

The Monthly Management report is sent out at the beginning of each month and contains the X-on newsletter and an overview of the previous month’s call and personnel data.

This report is meant as a high level view of the previous month’s activity and is presented in PDF format. It can be exported or printed out and distributed as is.

Your Monthly Management report contains:

Please refer to our Reports Terminology article for a brief description of the terms used in the reports.

Call Summary including NHS 8 Metrics

Your front page will show the Call Summary, Abandoned Summary, Queue Summary and Callback Summary.

All metrics required by the NHS are denoted by a blue cross

If you have several numbers these will all be in this report but can be separated by using the Inbound call stats report.

The summary ignores repeat callers, these are people who ring in multiple times and hang up only to try again.

See our Guide for more information on the NHS 8 Metrics

Which numbers took the most inbound calls?

If you have several inbound numbers they will all display here.

Which users answered and made the most calls?

The answered and dialled graphs will name the top users who answered the most calls and who made the outbound calls.

Note: You may see “Outbound Calls” as a User - this is when an outbound call has been made from a deskphone without the User logging in.

Which days of the week/times of day were busiest for queued calls?

Your busiest queue times graph shows you each week day and the average number of calls in the queued on each day. Its also shows how many of those queued calls were answered and how many were missed.

Your busiest times of the day graph for inbound calls shows you the busiest time(s) of the day.

When are the most outbound calls made?

The outbound calls graphs show what time of the day the most outbound calls are made and on which day of the week the most outbound calls are made.

Call length

Inbound and outbound average call lengths show how long named users on average spend on inbound calls and also how long on average named users spend on outbound calls.

An average of how many queued calls are answered by day of the week

The orange numbers on the right are the average number of Users that are answering calls. Please be aware that this is an average of those actively picking up the phone and speaking to patients, it does not factor in those staff that may be available but are not answering the phone.

For example, if there were 4 Mondays in the month, we would break those Mondays into hours of the day, and see how many individual staff had answered a call in each hour. Then average them out.

This is why you will often get an average of 1.5 or similar. Sometimes there was only 1 person answering in that hour, other times there were more than 1 person answering.

Menu choices

Not all surgeries will see this report as some services do not offer menu options to callers.

The graph will show you the average options chosen by callers per day of the week.

Monthly Summary

The monthly summary is a graph showing how busy your surgery has been on a monthly basis, each month this will be added to giving you the ability to compare figures month by month.

Where can I find my Monthly Reports?

An archive of Management Reports is available via the reports portal. See our guide to accessing the Reports Portal.

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