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Missed or Abandoned?
Missed or Abandoned?

Missed and Abandoned Calls show in the Stat Boxes, Wallboard and Reports. Here is an explanation of the differences.

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What is the difference between a Missed Call and an Abandoned Call?

Missed Call

Missed calls are calls that could have been answered by a staff member because it either targeted a user directly or joined a queue for a distribution group, but the call was not connected (answered)

A call does not have to make it to the front of a queue to count as missed, it purely has to join the queue, so a missed call could be that someone heard their queue place and decided to hang up to call back later

Abandoned call

Abandoned calls are calls that your staff had no chance of answering as they either did not target a user directly or did not enter a queue for a group of users

Situations where this could be the case are when the caller rings in whilst the practice is closed, or the caller does not respond to a menu and hangs up before making a choice

What happens after an automated SMS in your call flow?

Depending on your call flow configuration, it could also be that the caller has requested an informational SMS or has listened to a piece of audio that answered the question they had, again these calls would be logged as abandoned due to the fact that they never queued

Moving forward, we intend to better represent those calls that the patient self served and achieved what they wanted to without having to queue and speak to a member of staff

NHS Definition of Abandoned

However, the NHS describes an abandoned call as follows:

Abandoned calls are those in which the caller hangs up at least 30 seconds after they have been queued to speak to an advisor

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