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User List/Central Directory - Introduction
User List/Central Directory - Introduction

This will show your User list (internal numbers) or your Central Directory (internal and external numbers).

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What is the User List and Central Directory?

Your directory is available to you through the User Console. Here you will have all of your internal numbers, colour coded to show you user status (Available) and if that User is on a call.

You can change your internal directory view, to show in groups as well as alphabetically.

Using the click to call technology you can call directly from the screen. Please see our Click to Call guide.

Note: Supervisors will also be able to access User Profiles through the directory, where they can change device, manage groups and User status, if they need to.

To change from your User List to your Directory use the icons to the top right hand side. (Blue highlight = Active)

User List

The user list will show you all users in the surgery, their short dial number, their status and their call state by showing different colours.

You will see the User short dial number, and if the user is in a group you may also see the Group short dial number.

User Status (User name highlighted)

Light Grey - Logged In (Available)

Dark Grey - Logged Out (Not Available)

Orange - Do Not Disturb (Not Available)

Purple - Outbound Calls Only

Teal - Direct Calls Only

User Call State

Green: On an inbound call

Blue: On an outbound call

Yellow: Wrap up/call ending

Note: Wrap-up is the pause between a call finishing and the user becoming available for the next call. This is set to 5 seconds. To change the Wrap-up delay, please see our User Wrap-up guide.

Function Buttons

To the top left of your directory are the function buttons where you can sort by name, search, filter and filter on user/call state.

You can change how you view your directory. See our guide on changing the User Console appearance.

You can sort your directory alphabetically. If you are in the group view, it will sort the groups alphabetically. If you are in user view, it will sort all users alphabetically.

Search for users or external numbers by name

Filter your call list by group

Filter your call list by user state or call state

Remember: Clear your search or filters once you have found the user you were looking for, so you can see your whole user list again.

Central Directory

The Central Directory holds all of your internal (User/Group short dial) and external numbers. Anyone can update this list, and it can be bulk uploaded if necessary.

The Central Directory is available to everyone in the practice and logged into the Surgery Connect System - there is no personal call list.

Note: When you are viewing your central directory you can only sort alphabetically or search by name.

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